Plan for 1500km2Kiruna

This is the initial plan from 2015 with updates and changes.

Country: Sweden (might pass by Finland and Norway)
Length, official:
1500 km
Length,true: ca 1800km
Duration: ca 180 days/ 26 weeks, could be more or less.
Start 1: Started 00:01 14th November 2017
Finnish 1: January 2018 ( a severe health setback forced me to postpone the journey to following winter)
Start 2: December 2018
Finnish 2: end of Spring 2019
Preparation time, total: 3 years (first 2 years for physiotherapy, research and then, some trial and error)
Charity: yes, fundraising for Hjärnfonden
Impact: According to my research, there has not been any woman (with disability) that has done this route during winter in Scandinavian History (counted past 200 years).
Prior experience: For this long distance in one go, none. Have to begin somewhere right? But I do have experience of both winter-hiking, being outdoors for weeks and mid-distance hiking.

There is no return date nor route as I aim to continue to Northcap in Norway, after this journey, which was the actual original plan of the journey 3 years ago.
Whether I continue to Northcap will heavily depend on factors such as weather, time, resources and health.
How and when I return home, will depend on the same.

Getting there, step-by-step

  1. 2015-2016: Do research on who (women with/without disabilities, all types) has done same journey and path during the same climate/time of year. Find alternative ways to get to Kiruna and Northcap. DONE
  2. Bump up physiotherapy a notch and work on weight loss (a work in progress). DONE
  3. 2015-2016:  To see how it affects my health (mental and physical ): Travel more, be more social, hike more often (with 25+kg), test equipment and check what needs to be fixed or get more of, participate in more photography competitions, visit fairs.DONE
  4. 2017: January: Get an official permission from Försäkringskassan (Social Insurance). DONE
  5. 2016/2017: Apply to and request for volunteers (planning advice and route-planning), scholarships and sponsors. Done
  6. 2017-2018: Rent out my apartment and store personal things, make sure all bills are set to be paid virtually and temp move in with a close someone till the end of the journey.DONE
  7. 2017, before September: Do medical checkup, get blood tests (DONE), prepare
    medically for the journey. Done
  8. 2017, Mars-October: Fix maps (on paper and GPS). (mostly )DONE
    Divide the journey route into sections with re-supply checkpoints. DONE
  9. 2017, Mars-October: Physical and mental, more intensive practice with tires, yoga, physiotherapy, mindfulness. Also same practice as in #3. Done
  10. 2017, July: A last longer hike. Cancelled, change of plans due to surgery.
  11. February-October, recording of media material. DONE
  12. Fix a wheel solution for the sled, with aid from Eckla and  Makers of Sweden. DONE
  13. Complete and check the equipment list. Done
  14. 2017,August-October: Food prep.Done
  15. 2017,  September-October: Make supply crates and make them ready to send off. Done
  16. 2017, October, release of videos on Youtube. Start of Videolog (Vblog). Cancelled
  17. 2017,October .Send off Press release. DONE
  18. 2017, October: Pack everything needed in the sled with the custom-made wheel and make it ready for departure Done-ish
  19. 2017, Departure was 14th November 2017  DONE
  20. 2017, December, post surgery treatment gone wrong, causing an internal bleeding forcing me to seek medical care at homebase Done
  21. 2018, January, tried to continue but still in December’s setbacks grasp Done
  22. 2018, January-December: Rest, recuperate and rehabilitate damages. Done
  23. 2018, November-December: Second try departure Done
  24. 2019, Spring: Journey cancelled due to severe health issues. Postponing continuation till later.
    Will update about this at later time, but this can take a while.

The whole journey is divided by 3 bigger sections and with it, different pace according to estimated climate:

  1. Norrköping-Sundsvall: ETA 5 weeks à ~100 km/week or  ~12-20km/day. Done arrived Feb 2019
    Highlights: FärbeboFjärdens Nationalpark, Gävle, Kustleden
  2. Sundsvall-Haparanda: ETA 10 weeks à ~81 km/week or 8-10km/day. ETA ~ unknown atm 
    Highlights: Caves! Docksta, Höga kusten (High coast), Aurora Lights, SNOW! Snowshoes on or in worse case scenario, skiis!
  3. Haparanda: ETA 11-12 weeks à ~35 km/week or 5-6km/day. ETA ~unknown atm
    Highlights: Torneälven, Kukkulaforsen, more snow! Wildlife and if unlucky, midnight Sun.

This is a rough draft of tre route. The actual detailed map, is due safety, not shared with public.