Plan for 1500km2Kiruna

Country: Sweden (might pass by Finland and Norway)
Length, official:
1500 km
Length,true: ca 1800km
Duration: ca 180 days/ 26 weeks, could be more or less.
Start: Started 00:01 14th November 2017
Finnish: Closer to June 2018
Preparation time, total: 3 years (first 2 years for physiotherapy, research and then, some trial and error)
Charity: yes, fundraising for Hjärnfonden
Impact: According to my research, there has not been any woman (with or without disability) that has done this route during winter in Scandinavian History (counted past 200 years).
Prior experience: For this long distance in one go, none. Have to begin somewhere right?
But I do have experience of both winter-hiking, being outdoors for weeks and mid-distance hiking.

There is no return date nor route as I aim to continue to Northcap in Norway, after this journey, which was the actual original plan of the journey 3 years ago.
Whether I continue to Northcap will heavily depend on factors such as weather, time, resources and health.
How and when I return home, will depend on the same.

Getting there, step-by-step

  1. 2015-2016: Do research on who (women with/without disabilities, all types) has done same journey and path during the same climate/time of year. Find alternative ways to get to Kiruna and Northcap. DONE
  2. Bump up physiotherapy a notch and work on weight loss (a work in progress). DONE
  3. 2015-2016:  To see how it affects my health (mental and physical ): Travel more, be more social, hike more often (with 25+kg), test equipment and check what needs to be fixed or get more of, participate in more photography competitions, visit fairs.DONE
  4. 2017: January: Get an official permission from Försäkringskassan (Social Insurance). DONE
  5. 2016/2017: Apply to and request for volunteers (planning advice and route-planning), scholarships and sponsors. Done
  6. 2017-2018: Rent out my apartment and store personal things, make sure all bills are set to be paid virtually and temp move in with a close someone till the end of the journey.DONE
  7. 2017, before September: Do medical checkup, get blood tests (DONE), prepare
    medically for the journey. Done
  8. 2017, Mars-October: Fix maps (on paper and GPS). (mostly )DONE
    Divide the journey route into sections with re-supply checkpoints. DONE
  9. 2017, Mars-October: Physical and mental, more intensive practice with tires, yoga, physiotherapy, mindfulness. Also same practice as in #3. Done
  10. 2017, July: A last longer hike. Cancelled, change of plans due to surgery.
  11. February-October, recording of media material. DONE
  12. Fix a wheel solution for the sled, with aid from Eckla and  Makers of Sweden. DONE
  13. Complete and check the equipment list. Done
  14. 2017,August-October: Food prep.Done
  15. 2017,  September-October: Make supply crates and make them ready to send off. Done
  16. 2017, October, release of videos on Youtube. Start of Videolog (Vblog). Delayed/postponed
  17. 2017,October .Send off Press release. DONE
  18. 2017, October: Pack everything needed in the sled with the custom-made wheel and make it ready for departure Done-ish
  19. 2017, Departure was 14th November 2017 and alternative route due to the weather
  20. 2018, Estimated Arrival window: May to  June 2018


The whole journey is divided by 3 sections and with it, different pace according to estimated climate:

  1. Norrköping-Sundsvall: ETA 5 weeks à ~100 km/week or up to 18km/day. ETA ~Unknown atm
    3x supply-crates
    Highlights: FärbeboFjärdens Nationalpark, Gävle, Kustleden
  2. Sundsvall-Haparanda: ETA 10 weeks à ~81 km/week or 8-10km/day. ETA ~ Feb-March ?
    5x supply-crates
    Highlights: Caves! Docksta, Höga kusten (High coast), Aurora Lights, SNOW! Snowshoes on!
  3. Haparanda: ETA 11-12 weeks à ~35 km/week or 5-6km/day. ETA ~May-June
    5x supply crates.
    Highlights: Torneälven, Kukkulaforsen, more snow! Wildlife and if unlucky, midnight Sun.
    Snowshoes on.