The journey



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The route is planned in a flexible model,
adaptable to weather or health conditions, divided in subsections.
The subsections will be presented at a later date, closer to departure.
During the journey, you will also be able to live-track me on the map.
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My own trail

My dream was to become a geologist (specifically engineering/volcanology and glaciology).
A lifelong struggle with health-related issues, resulted in crumbled dreams. Like others with similar background, I eventually caved in and pushed aside any dreams I ever had about that.
It is said that the last thing mankind really has is hope and that had never really left me.

” Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I could die waiting for an opportunity, a way, or I can create it myself.
Fighting my daily demons and whatever limitations that comes my way, I hope to live up to my life motto:
This journey is about that.

The 10 Why…
Third time is a charm right?
I am not getting younger, or healthier for that matter. This journey may be the first of many but it can as well be the first, only and the last. Life is happening now.

..thru hike?

Long distance traveling and hikes, reminds me of life; the longer I go forward, the less I look back. Something short distances don’t offer for me.
As autistic, I require that kind of motivation.


-There are many reasons but I will mention a few; there are no snakes, I love cold, snowy/winter is especially good for my sensory disabilities, solitude, it is more fun, better way to carry larger luggage and food, etc.


-I like solitude. Being an outgoing introvert and autistic, I often need huge amount of solitude to “recharge” as social interactions is very energy draining.


Located 145 km north of the Arctic Circle,Kiruna has a space research center, snow in the majority of the year and on top of that, the entire town is being moved 3 km away..
If that is not cool, I don’t know. Walking to Kiruna will be a huge carrot-on-stick.

..the Swedish East coast?

I’d rather travel through the Scandinavian mountains or Swedish woods but it wouldn’t be currently safe for me to travel through. Instead of giving up on the idea, I changed to a safer and more accessible route, fit to my means and experience. Be however assured, I am fully aware of the severity of such journey.

..snowshoes and sled
Inspired by The Mountaineers White & Green Ribbon (White Ribbon for winter), I wanted
to bid to the idea of “travel by own power”, meaning, without aid of any motorized aid and alike.
Waging experience, route and other things in consideration, snowshoes and sled was the most ideal and practical method to perform this journey.

..tent, it’s winter?!
Yes, just like the White Ribbon, most hikers camp outdoors during the journey.
Sleeping outdoors offers me flexibility in accommodations and advantages of photography opportunities, that I just don’t want to miss. Flexibility is also a bonus: I can walk, camp, walk, whatever time in the day. many sponsors?
I first tried to do everything myself (I hate to be a burden) and failed.
A dream became an idea that became a purpose.
At the end of the day, I might be doing a solo hike, but I will never be truly alone.
By getting helped, it allows me to be able to help others to help others like me.

Due to my own, close and loved ones disabilities, but also due to my own  interest in unlocking the unknowns of the brain, supporting brain research was a no brainier (pun intended).
Besides, I believe we all know someone  or ourselves,who had/have experienced
some mental or brain health issues.
Yet, there are too much to learn, too much prejudice and in some cases, so much suffering.

My carrot-on-a-stick has become golden and  it lits that very trail I’m making.