Traveltales: Simonstorp-Katrineholm

Weather: mostly cloudy and rainy, +3 to -1C
Distance:~27km , mostly flat back-country roads
Time: too long..
Highlights: camping with tent, got housing at the fire department in Katrineholm, friendly people
Bottoms: rain, more rain, time stress, journalists, wild boars, meeting with people taking too much time and energy, having to knock on doors for water, dry water supplies, huge deforestation, some unfriendly people

Health: Stomach, joints and headache pain level: 7/10 (lower is better)
Severe cases of hot flashes.
Asthma OK Sight OK Feet OK
Mental health: initially 3/10, end of section: 7/10 (higher is better)
weight: ~101kg sled total weight: ~83kg

After a good rest at Sikargården, I took my time to continue.
Slowly I left the hostel but energy was low. The days before have been stressful and usually I need 2 days rest when I get that tired/stressed out.

No time to waste.
The distance between Sikargården and Katrineholm felt like and took so much more effort than expected. There was no good spots for camping due to logging (not seen on maps nor from the information I had).
I was able to camp one night, and stayed almost 2 due to rain…
The set campsites I had pre-departure pinpointed didn’t worked in reality and the options were bad.

Not to mention all the dry water sources and unreachable such. I had to knock on doors to get water. It did not helped for the morale when I finally reached the outskirts of Katrineholm that there has been notice
of wild boars vandalizing domestic gardens, meaning I could not camp, again, I had to knock on doors, now even to look for a place to stay over night. I was lucky as I found a kind family that allowed me sleep in their barn.

In Katrineholm my “hostel” source disappeared, so again I was left stranded unable to camp. The local fire department came to my rescue (or I came to them).A couple calls later I was redirected to the department,
then able to sleep over night.

Traveltales: First day out

Start: 2017-11-14 00:01
Weather: Clear skies, +1 to -9 C
Distance: ~24 km (10 km past), mostly uphill
Time: 17+hours (7 hours due)
Highlights: Wildlife calls, Meteor shower, the air, “pink” Sunrise, snow, cold,
very friendly hostel hosts at Sikargården
Bottoms: Initial stress caused negligence in strapping the straps properly
causing a wheel splinter to snap, negligence in eating/drinking/resting, walking
further/longer than my day limit.

Health: Stomach, joints and headache –> Regular painkillers OK
Asthma OK Sight OK Feet OK
Mental health: initially 7/10 (higher=better health), end of day: 2/10
Weight: ~103kg sled total weight: ~85kg

Around midnight, I began my 1500km/1000miles journey.

All excited I pulled away fiercely towards the small trail behind my home building..

..only to walk around 50m to already stop and fix some floppy loose bindings.
Also to take some painkillers to be on safe side as the pain kept growing.
The rest of the night proceeded quite calmly with some highlights of clear skies,
meteor shower and a lot of hills to climb.
I didn’t walked fast, it was steadily a slow pace, especially considered
I was constantly walking upwards.

Eventually morning came and it was beautiful. Both the night and morning reminded why I wanted to do this.
They joy of being able to appreciate to local surroundings!

That joy became however short lived, as when I left home in a hurry I neglected how I wrapped the bindings meaning I strapped on the frame rather than the wagons.
It resulted in one of the wheels key-ring snapping due to the unnecessary tension.
Stressed by this and the hours passing by, not to mention I began to become quite hungry,
I took a break at a farm that was just nearby. Sadly there was nobody home, but I couldn’t be on the small road either. Knowingly I had trespassed, I quickly
fixed the straps and the splinter/keyring, then set up for getting something to eat.

At that very moment, the local tv-news crew, in which I was to meet up
for breakfast at the hostel, showed up. I was taking too long so they decided to meet up.
Instead of eating up, I just packed up, had the interview and then continued to walk.

I suppose that I don’t even need to mention the consequence of walking 10+ hours without a proper meal..
My pace started to slow down even more, morning became noon and I was exhausted. Near the end of the noon,
when I soon arrived at the hostel, I met up with this kind widower who admired my effort to the journey, especially suffering from asthma like his wife had. 

We spoke briefly and I let him help me the last tiny uphill before getting in the tunnel under the highway.
The last 300 m was excruciating to the degree the hostel owner even came to my aid with a     four wheeler and grabbed the sled.
At the hostel I was shown around and to the room I was to stay at.
I was too exhausted to even eat, so I feel asleep fast and profound.

A big thank you to the elder I met at the highway for his kindness and also the hosts at Sikargården in Simonstorp/Norrköping.

Countdown: -15- the purge

black background showing number 15 and the words the purge

Something must be done.
Everything became messy.
It is not how I envisioned it.
Archiving the old, swiping clean,
making room for the new,
giving space for what is real.


The upcoming 15 days will be preparation days for the proceeding of my journey.
In those days, each day I will be sharing bit by bit information about what has happened, what is happening and what will happen.
Maps, homepage, blog, socialmedia and pictures will be update and cleaned up.
Meanwhile I will also not be answering many questions as I believe some might be revealed during the countdown.