The best time!

Is the time OFFLINE.
I was in agony and stressed.
Weather have been kinda crazy; I think I’ve experienced pretty much all seasons.

For a long time I had this major writers block, in this case, in photography.
Even documenting has been hard. No time, no lust, massive brainfog 24/7.
Despite, per appearance, having a rough time the entire journey, it is really just how I cope things.
We autistic people simply don’t deal with certain things well, like changes and changes, well, that’s an everyday thing now.

No maps, no weather, or even equipment have been as planned. Reality is just how it is.
As time passes, just like all my other travels prior to this one, I learn to appreciate even more all the small things. Right now however, the focus is to just enjoy everything as long as I can.
My health is going really fast downhill for each day, so really, each day is a gift.
I haven’t given up on my dreams, nor visiting Kiruna but as to reach by foot as my body is right now, that is simply no longer possible. It took a while for me to come to terms with this, so I decided to take it chill, one day at time, wherever it leads me.

Many of you out there take life for granted, so did I, but it is when we are robbed from that very freedom, when health isn’t quite in our hands anymore, we realize hour precious everything is, for real.

Being on internet has it perks, yes, but for me, just I first warned many years ago and is stated here and there, that it stresses my butt out.

It paralyzes me and put a pressure making me unable to move forward, literally.
Took at least a week off the internet and social media, before I was slowly getting back to myself.

Now that I really found that drained too much valuable resources, I had to hold it off.
It is only when I enjoy that I can later tell how awesome it was.
It is only when I enjoy that I can get those pretty nice nerdy-nature pictures I like.

the Lady Introvert.

Sitenews: Updates december 2018

I am in Gävle, my big stop at Norrland’s door.
Here I will do site updates, resupply, fix broken stuff etc.
It will not be until Örnsköldsvik when I can fix anything else.
Since I am solo doing all administration, your patience is much appreciated.
I’ll leave Gävle when I am done with everything that is needed to be done, so basically I am staying a week here, hopefully less.

Current updates are:

  • The site is updated with WordPress 5.0
    I expect some minor functionality crashes and Ill be fixing those as much as I can while I currently stationary.
  • Photo-albums under photos are live.
  • Photos in the Menu The Journey/Equipment are now live.
  • My travel stories are also now live.
  • Map is manually updated and will be automatically (with Spot) updated when I leave Gävle.
  • Some more minor updates will also be done while I am stationary.



Countdown: -15- the purge

black background showing number 15 and the words the purge

Something must be done.
Everything became messy.
It is not how I envisioned it.
Archiving the old, swiping clean,
making room for the new,
giving space for what is real.


The upcoming 15 days will be preparation days for the proceeding of my journey.
In those days, each day I will be sharing bit by bit information about what has happened, what is happening and what will happen.
Maps, homepage, blog, socialmedia and pictures will be update and cleaned up.
Meanwhile I will also not be answering many questions as I believe some might be revealed during the countdown.