What it mean is, whatever medium I use, online and offline, on lectures of public occasions,
I will do my utmost to avoid my full face to show.
This means that you will often see me in sunglasses or my face only partially visible.
Of course, that goes for anyone (in some cases) who get involved in any of my publicity channels, online or offline.


No face
Art by: Pieter-Jan Peeters


The reasons are actually many, but the main reason is PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).

Not everyone is good out there and I had my share part of it to the end I badly psychological hurt by it.
I get very stressed and paranoid ( and I can even end up bedridden from the stress) from exposed in pictures or videos without “protection”.
Wearing for example sunglasses is like my shield to the world.
I know, it is a false sense of safety, I am aware of that, but none the less, it helps me cope with the dilemma.



I wish you to kindly accept and respect this.

Thank you for understanding and caring.