I am Carla Cat Carlson, also known as a Cat of all trades.
Like Stephen Tonti at TEDxCMU did, I have tried a whole lot of things in life, a perk we kids from the Autism spectrum have.

Since almost a decade, I learned that I was born with Asperger’s syndrome and ADD and around the same time I got early retired into disability pension. In mid 2017 I had a bigger surgery and was also diagnosed with Endometriosis

After years of roaming around and soon after I got my autism diagnosis, I moved to Norrköping, this wonderful coastal city,
just 2 hours car drive south from the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.
The years after the “doomsday” also known as, the diagnosis day, have been rather passive and this doesn’t go well with my mindset.

Even though I am not quite capable of working to the level of self-providing, there are still many things I can do within the limitations that are given to me.

This site is my dream come true, it is the portal to my world and it is the platform where I tell my story.
So what do I do and how do I do it?

Travel and Photography style
In terms of labels, I would say I am a part-time nomad.
I am an explorer and I am just a traveler. Solo traveler.
Preferring to roam from place to place for months rather than touristic traveling.
Utilizing hitchhiking, hospitality exchange, hiking, gathering/hunting/farming,
dumpster-diving and anything low budget, I find it by far the best way to explore
the world, not to mention Eco-friendlier and cheaper.
When I travel I feel free and happier, less sick and generally more motivated.
I am also my utmost self when traveling.

My photography consists mostly of abstract art, architecture, landscapes and anything nature related.
In the exception of actually having people in my photos, I strive to stick to my no-face-policy here too.
A guilty pleasure of mine is wildlife portraits or macro and water-related pictures.

As a privilege and courtesy to Norrköping’s municipally, during weekdays I “work” at foto and film studio called Studio 59, which is one of the municipality’s Daily Activity Center for people with high functioning Neuropsychiatric disabilities.

Disability awareness and coping
I have to live with my conditions until the day I die. There is no rest-day from that fact.
By being open, it does make it easier when I travel. The pressure is less and I get less sick.
Sharing is caring, by being open does also means I might raise some awareness and get to
work against the many prejudices about invisible disabilities there is.
At best, I might even inspire someone out there.

Even though I am outgoing and social, it usually drains me fast, also pain is an re-occurring daily struggle.
Therefore, I prefer solo travel which gives me more freedom to cope with my own
demons and problems without outside pressure.
While not at home I try my best to get as much rest/downtime possible and
when I get home I can spend a large amount of time recharging in isolation (and maybe planning for my next escape).

My body is also very cranky towards heat so I also prefer traveling, working and living
in colder temperatures and areas. Light is another issue that tends to be a problem,
hence the Scandinavian winter-time is like a heaven to me and the summer-time like hell.
During winter I sleep better, in summer I can rarely sleep without aid.
My every day is focused around this.
As a prevention to this instability, I tend to travel, whenever possible, otherwise, I get little done during summer-time. Hiking works wonders, as the woods are often colder and have less light.
Unfortunately, I have grown a bad habit of fear towards snakes, meaning I currently am unable to solo hike during spring and summers.