Usage and topic focus
Panicmode.se is a non-commercial and non-profit, personal website about:
Invisible disabilities and Mental health awareness in travel, photography and outdoor recreation.

Name choice
The reason I’ve chosen “panicmode” is because how fitting it is.
Not only me but many others dealing with mental health problems are
often in this state of mind: panic.
Anxiety is an unfortunate big part of my life and I tend to often to be in
a panicky state of mind (or panicmode).

Language choice
Panicmode.se’s main language is English but I might have chunks of posts in Swedish.
The reason for this is, with autism and ADD, comes along dyslexia and there
are more (and better) spelling and grammar tools in English, than
there is in the Swedish language.

The site will be mainly focused on blog posts and practical information about the journeys I make.
With time, I hope to bring in some articles and possibly, tools and equipment reviews.

Old out, new in
For some old visitors, you might notice a huge change in the website.
Panicmode has been around for a decade now but always lacked functionality
due to my limited technical skills.
With the public event that my first big journey brings, it was decided that it needed some love and caring.
This is where my head sponsor Seombris Marketing AB comes in.
Thanks to them I am not finally able to focus more on content and
my experiences than technicalities around the website.

In time, I hope to also add the old stories and diaries from previous journeys I’ve made.

Pictures and photography

Most pictures and photography in this website are my own creation.
In any other case, they are either acquired for non-commercial purposes or I’ve gotten permission from the artist in question.

Instead of having a gallery directly on this website, I decided to keep it clean and instead chose to publish my pictures on social media.
In the future, I might have a gallery on this website but there are no current plans for that as for now.

All right reserved and please to not use or copy without permission.