Traveltales: Norrköping-Gävle recap

Weather:  warmest was around+12 C and coldest was around -9 C
Distance:~300km , was initially only uphills then most flats, asphalt and non paved.
Distance actually walked: ~189km
Highlights: camping with tent, meeting interesting and kind people, scenery
Bottoms: Rain, deforestation, lack of water, bad people, bad information, car rides,
having to knock on doors for water, dry water supplies, huge deforestation, some unfriendly people, destroyed trails and watercourses, having to abort 2017.


At the end of the day, I “only” walked roughly 63% of this route.
I knew even before I started it would likely be dodgy as I am not on bike and have to carry my sled, which is quite big.

Am I satisfied? Well, sort of I guess.
No point of crying over spilled rain. I was really sad for not being able to see Färnabo, but that’s it.
I met wonderful people, got to see wonderful scenery, got great new experiences.
It is almost as I expected, except I had to interact a lot more with people than I wanted.

The panic!

I also imagine, people have the idea of my constantly  panic and crisis that it was all just because of bad planning. You have to take a few thing in consideration, like my mental health, my body health and that no one has done this whole ordeal before.
There is simply no manual or instruction on how to do this.
Even less with disabilities. And this is WHY, one of the why’s I am doing this.
REGARDLESS of disabilities!

Disabilities on the road

For starters, due to being autistic and having ADHD, which means among other things dysfunctions in the brains regulator of dopamine and adrenaline, we are talking about anxiety and catatonic depression symptoms, not to forget the Endometriosis hell. This all means, I will have issues handling problem occurring in the road and my capabilities solving these issues might not always seem among the best.
Exhaustion is my enemy, it is when most of my cognitive abilities drops into nothingness. Orientation, memory, knowledge and everything needed for survival just aint there.

So yes, I will panic, I will cry, make error, do bad decisions and there will be a whole a lot of dumb choices, still, I did prepared before I departed.


Yes, I will continue avoiding rain like the pest. I am prepared for some rain but not week-long rain periods. I will not take any stupid chances like I did last year (2017) and risk of getting unnecessary colds. A cold would mean issues with asthma and that would affect many months after that, so its not worth it.


My only actual regret was that, despite photography being a such big part of this journey, I was too busy rushing my way through (because I became too obsessed and influenced by people I met and spoke with) that I literally forgot to document things.

What may come

So for the next leg (Gävle-Söderhamn-Hudiksvall-Sundsvall) I am hoping for more camping, more photos and more snow. The distances between households are greater and there are more woodlands. On top of that the route I am taking is certified bike trail and with opportunities of actual hiking trail.
If I feel I have the time and it allows me with my sled, Ill aim to take the hiking trail but if the trail is too uneven and I risk breaking my wagon, Ill just stick to the road.
Although there will be more hostels that seems to be open (I trippled checked this time),I simply cannot afford to stay there. My budget is around 30Euros per week and that needs to cover everything I might need during a week. These hostels room costs per night usually starts at 80-100Euros which is beyond what I can afford.

Budget wise I am dependable of peoples hospitality if I ever need to recharge or dry anything.



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