Sitenews: Updates december 2018

I am in Gävle, my big stop at Norrland’s door.
Here I will do site updates, resupply, fix broken stuff etc.
It will not be until Örnsköldsvik when I can fix anything else.
Since I am solo doing all administration, your patience is much appreciated.
I’ll leave Gävle when I am done with everything that is needed to be done, so basically I am staying a week here, hopefully less.

Current updates are:

  • The site is updated with WordPress 5.0
    I expect some minor functionality crashes and Ill be fixing those as much as I can while I currently stationary.
  • Photo-albums under photos are live.
  • Photos in the Menu The Journey/Equipment are now live.
  • My travel stories are also now live.
  • Map is manually updated and will be automatically (with Spot) updated when I leave Gävle.
  • Some more minor updates will also be done while I am stationary.



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