Traveltales: Heby outskirts-Tärnsjö-Gävle

Weather: Clear skies and then some rain, +3 to -3 C
Distance:~31 km+  63 km, mostly flat straight forward beautiful back-country road
Highlights: the scenery was to die for. Meteor shower, the cold, Sunrise, the nice ladies at the truck-stop, the nice hospitable gentleman at dinner, my best friend
Bottoms: misinformation, ruined hiking trails, walking over my limit, not getting rest, hitchhiking
Health: Stomach, joints and headache pain-level: 0
Asthma soso Sight OK Feet OK
Mental health: initially 10/10, end of section: 5/10 (higher is better)
Heart/Pulse: Pulse around 160 most of the time while walking
weight: ~110 kg sled total weight: ~87 kg

In the middle of the night I bid the cabin farewell. I had during the day had several curious visits from the club’s workers that was working on ski track for the upcoming winter season. Fun people which I am grateful to.
As for my hurting feet that thankfully had recovered from some night ago, I taped it like there was no tomorrow..
My goal for tonight was to take the extra push of 30km  as I was going to stay at an inn, doing the extra 10km should be ok.

The night went smoothly and the road was fantastic, although it was asphalt.
I was enough dehydrated, had enough food, everything was good. Then I hit that 20km mark. It was like a wall, I noticed quite fast how tired I was and hungry.

I had miscalculated my food and was too stubborn to open everything up to get food.
Hot water was also an issue (note to self is to have the stove more accessive so I can boil water) but in this case, I felt ok with knocking door.

Overcoming the limits

The last 10km was a pain, I was so tired and hungry. Lessons of life. Although there were plenty of camping opportunities, I was too stubborn as I had my sight on that inn in Tärnsjö. With a whole lot of effort and determination I arrived quite late in Tärnsjö (around 5pm) just to receive information both the town’s inns had closed down. No wonder I didn’t reached them om phone. I was just yesterday told they were open and I could just “pop” in as it was off season and they should have plenty of beds. Voila, they had none as they WERE CLOSED!

Trusting information by others..

The entire village had closed down at 4pm, there were no nearby convenience store, no restaurants no nothing, just a food-truck with Thai food (which as a side note, was not the best choice for an empty stomach of this kind).
Long story short, I was invited to this fella who lives in the compound behind the food truck so I could eat out of the cold. We spoke a little, I ate then I was recommended to head to the truck-stop cafe-shop that was opened 24/7.

The truck-stop

I arrived there, very tired, wet( sweat) and more tired. There were only chair and tables and no were to lay down, but at least I was able to be indoors.
The night went, I spoke some with the ladies in the cafe and when morning hit I started to call around for somewhere to sleep.
I was dangerously too tired to pull my sled anywhere and not in any condition for camping outdoors, I really just needed proper rest.

Destroyed trail

It is around this time I also get informed that some youth had motorbiked around some of the trails I was to walk on, meaning, my only other option was the highway, which is a big no no.

At the end of the day, or rather, midday, my options were pretty exhausted, unless I wanted to pay the big bucks for an expensive hostel some miles away.
I couldn’t just sit there and then get sick, I had already started to get that annoying asthmatic coughing going on, so I reverted to the only thing that was left, taking lift to Gävle.

What if

Let me make this clear, I hated it! There was so many “what if I ..” in my head.
Not to mention that I was so sad over skipping Färnabo that I was longing to visit for so long. It was supposed to be one of the highlights of this leg.
Instead, I had to skip it all together. But I was so so tired, I couldn’t even feel upset.
A friend living in Gävle had to  eventually rent a trailer and fetch me.
The next issue was of course where to store my sled, as the friend had no room for such, this is where a local company came to the rescue and I was able to “park” there for the time I am in Gävle.

Not going as planned

Well, things didn’t go as planned but then again, I walked a while and I had a good time, I reached Gävle eventually, so still, all good. Sure, I really wanted visit Gysinge and Färnabo but things are as they are. I have to move forward.

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