Traveltales: Tillberga-Heby-Heby outskirts

Weather: rain, fog ,drizzle, +4 to -1C
Highlights: pretty fog, cool windmills, woodlands
Bottoms: rain, more rain, heavier load
Health: Ok
painlevel: 2/10, end of leg 8/10
Asthma OK Sight OK
Feet Heel spur
Mental health: initially 8/10, end of section: 3/10 (higher is better)
weight: ~110kg sled total weight: ~95kg

Now that I’ve seen soo much of Tillberga and surrounding woods, nothing felt new.
Sevalla and all the passing villages felt like a sneeze.
At Heby a motel was awaiting so there was no waiting or stopping.


I looked forward to Heby and Tärnsjö. Something about a sushi..
Reality was another, again,weather was utterly disaster. I am loosing hope about winter but then again, the news are raging about an intense Siberian winter coming around the corner and  voila I am all hopeful again.
Thinking of Norrland (the northern regions of Sweden) I plow my way north.
This tiny village is practically as small as all the others I passed, just tiny bit more urban, but its just…tiny bit more.

To be honest the stay in Heby was just awfully boring, there is not much to say about it.

As I was heading out of Heby towards Tärnsjö, I was met with some dense drizzle followed by a shower of rain.
This year I am more prepared, so I am already wearing rain clothing but I am also fatter and I am sweating more.
I never got to go all that far until my feet just did not wanted me to take another step. I felt like walking on sharp knives.
As I was disturbed by the pain, I took one wrong turn and ended up on a running trail/ hike trail, where I found a cabin with a veranda big enough to even pull my sled under roof and so I did

The roof, the roof, the roof is on..

A passing dog walker asks about my wagon and as we talk I ask who own the cabin.
I spend the coming hours trying to reach the owners and finally do so.
Past this everything goes very fast.
The cabin is practically empty and barely used but have electricity and heat.
The local ski club has it for meetings and I am allowed to stay there as much I need (within reasons obviously). I was even allowed to drag the whole package indoors for drying!

Some nights pass with heavy rain and then I move on.

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