Traveltales: End of the road 2017

After I went to the ER it was just downhill.
At the emergency room they barely knew about Endometriosis and only cared that I had relatively recent been into surgery. They did also not take me seriously as I did not (Hello autism and being all different from the norm) show any symptoms they were expecting?

I was not allowed to drink nor eat in case I had to do surgery. So I waited, for over 6 hours, without food or water, after had puked my guts out. Great.
Nor was I able to get any pain medications..

We can sum up that visit as a disaster.
The nurses had no training, no clue and just left me there. Not that the doctor was much better. I was recommended to abort my whole trip to go home and rest, against my own doctors recommendations which was to CONTINUE my hike.

Endometriosis awareness

You see, at this time, the national health department has yet to release their recommendations of treatment and care for endometriosis (and that care for autistic people). Without even a proper examination I was left hanging, still feeling shit.
Now, my sled was gone.
Some people from the community had carried my sled away for safer storage.
Defeated by poor healthcare, I had now to decide what to do, I was unfortunately still feeling crap and did not know why nor could I reach my treating doctor.

Higher power

Eventually I was lent a cottage the church had, I was able to stay there for the week as I was sick and needed rest. My plan was at this point to continue.
My sled was driven to this cottage, which also ironically was nearby that very last church I sat at before I rode the ambulance.
I am forever grateful for the kindness and patience everyone showed me in this dire situation.

The truth

In the end, I spent the week resting and was only feeling “well” if I was practically totally still. During that immense dead time, I tried to call and nag my way back to the ER, this time the emergency gynecologist. Boy, I had to nag but I got an appointment at last.
Under the appointment I explained the symptoms, my medication and situation and was then examined.
First the doctor asked me to wait, he/she had to consult some others. Then again more extra consultations and lastly I was told I had an internal bleeding but that they could not treat me there as I was patient from another county and already have a treating doctor.

I mean, what on earth can I do about an internal bleeding?
So yeah, the first ER doctor won, yes, I had to go home and rest.
As for Endometriosis patient, internal bleeding cant be treated and has to be waited out. Great, lovely, really fun.

And that was that.

Why did this happened?

In short, that very medication I was changed into, back in Eskilstuna. Did I not mentioned I did not responded well to it before? Well, not this time either.

The end of the story is that I was forced back home, now with totally broken body.
At some point my joints was so non-functioning due to the meds that my both elbows had some serious inflammation to the degree I barely could lift a spoon.

But 2018/2019 winter season awaits, hopefully some better luck with weather and now with some experience on what didn’t work I can fix that and have better success!

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