Traveltales: Västerås-Tillberga part 1

Weather: flaky weather with lots of rain and pretend snow
Distance:~15km, mostly flat city/bike roads.
Highlights: nice people, belief restored, new sturdier wagon frame, the surprise
Bottoms: the never ending rain, deteriorating health

Health: Stomach, joints and headache painlevel: 9/10 (the lower the better)
Asthma soso Sight soso Feet OK
Mental health: initially 10/10,  end of section: 1/10 (higher is better)
weight: ~97g sled total weight: ~83kg


The rain never stopped. I was getting depressed. Time kept ticking and passing.
My stress levels were so high and I was constantly tired. At this point I only saw the rain as reason but what I was missing was that the new heavy duty medication was also playing tricks of mind.

Västerås was my first re-supply city, so I called home and asked for my first crate to be sent, instead of sending it, they came and delivered it in person!
How lucky aint I to have such wonderful people around me, that drives 5 hours back and forth just to bring me a box?!

The rush

For a moment the rain stopped. I took my chances and headed out, I didn’t want to keep stretching the fire departments kindness.
Västerås is a quite big city, crossing it takes a day or two, so I had to stop by somewhere else before being able to head out of it. My next destination was an guest apartment I was able to lend for some day(s).

City orientation is actually harder than the jungle is a phrase I’ve herd before and yes, so it seems. Maps doesn’t work, you have to rely on Google maps, asking for directions and signs, then pray some. So yes, I got lost.

A couple kilometers took hours and it stressed me immensely. Somewhere in the stress I even lost my air-exchanger (Lungplus) and had to use my spare.
I cracked and ended up at a busstop crying my eyes out. But the kind lady who was lending the apartment waited patiently and I arrived eventually.

Mental health

What’s happens next is just depressing. In the end the rain never actually stopped.
Between the hype of my project in socialmedia and media in general, between fancy news interviews and whatnot, there was a lot going on.

My health for one was decorating beneath everything. Both physically and mentally.
Most because of the meds but I was unaware of it at this point. Although I do believe many thought I was riding on the popularity streak and laxing my way, I was anything but.

As all my health was going a down spiral, no rest was actually enough. When I get mentally tired due to stress, I slow down and eventually I shut down and stop everything altogether. It is called catatonic depression, but for autistic people it is not technically depression, it just have the same symptoms. The more I am stressed, I eventually freeze up. When this happen, all my abilities suffer, including attention.

Once its starts to crack..

I tried to rush out, but rushing now was more a slow motion kind of rush.
At some point the frame to my wagons had been bent and been mistreated so much they were permanently damaged and causing the entire thing to move side ways.

inspiring note at the couples mirror

Of course I only noticed it late and long story short, I found myself in a young couples home over night while my sled was in a bike room. I was so worried for theft and slept as good as I could. The next day, a Saturday, I searched everywhere for an open mechanic to fix my frame.  


Luckily I found one, but some kilometers away, so off I go totally worried for what to come.  As my sled was practically pulling sideways and the frame could burst everything any time, it took a while to reach the mechnics but in the end..



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