Traveltales: Katrineholm-Eskilstuna

Weather: mostly cloudy, some snow, then evil heavy rain, +3 to -1C
Distance:~49km , various roads, most long flats, car/bike roads
Time: too long..
Highlights:walking by the Burger King drive through, snow,friendly people, snow!
Meeting with the couple at Eskilstuna (very emotional for me), funny encounters..
Bottoms: rude journalist in Katrineholm, RAIN! To have to knock on doors for water, rude people, no good campsites

Health: Stomach, joints and headache pain level: 5/10 (lower is better)
Severe cases of hot flashes.
Asthma OK Sight OK Feet OK
Mental health: initially 9/10, end of section: 3/10 (higher is better)
weight: ~100kg sled total weight: ~83kg


It began wonderfully

I bid farewell to the friendly crew at the fire department in Katrineholm then strolled me way to Eskilstuna. By plan this would take around 2-3 days to do.
Just at the outskirt of the city I saw a Burger King drive thru, so well.. I couldn’t resist..
To my surprise, I was very energized so I did 20km in a swoosh. Perhaps was the snow, perhaps the friendly people, either way I was in good spirits. At some point I even ran and sang!
After I passed Valla (outskirts of Katrineholm), it came a short blizzard but I enjoyed it quite a bit. For a moment I felt “this is it!”
The more snow, the faster I found myself walking.
I was invited to sleep over at a hospitality host, although I prefer camping, I just went with it.
The night was good and I slept fairly well but I felt stressed suddenly.The good morale and energy I had from the day before was gone.
At night I moved on. I was exhausted already aver 11km and was moving towards the camping I had planned to camp at.

I had been on tv!

A family had seen me on tv and greeted and invited me for lunch. We exchanged pleasantries and as we spoke, it seems to my demise the camping spot has became private, they offered me to stay at the loft at their barn. Tired and disencouraged, I gladly accepted.
My body has been unpredictable; one moment I am hot, the other I am cold. This night I tossed around madly, I kept pending
between overheated and super cold, there was no between. And the headache was quite annoying.


Soon it was time to move one, I reached Hälleforsnäs, where I agreed to meet the local news that has been changing their meetup
time for a week now. After the interview, I ate, rested a bit then moved on, just in time for the snow! Barely I had move from the community and I was stopped by a car. A man came and wanted a hug (yup!). He was just listening
about me on the radio just a moment ago and wanted to show appreciation. It was an interesting happy moment.
Soon after, the happy snow turned into rain.

The weather rapport showed snow, so, idiotically, I did not changed into raincoat..

Then another car stopped me, when I took a short break for the loom..
This time was an angry man. He complained about he had seen me from far away then stopped because he thought it was an accident.
When he realized it wasn’t, he became upset saying “you are not visible enough”.
So..he had seen me from afar, yet I was not visible enough?! (I know I am quite visible, confirmed by the fire department).
Anyhow, we went separated ways.

Disaster shower

Sadly the rain never stopped and my shell jacked became drenched of the rain and my sweat. My glasses became foggy and I noticed I started get colder.

The last thing I want is to catch a cold. I tried to rush to the campsite I had planned to reach.

Unfortunately it was uphill and the rain intensified.
I was forced to walk in to the closest house in the premises..
..the household was friends to the one I stayed on the loft at. I was offered shelter in their barn, but my sled had no room there. Needless to say but it was a nightmare.
I was unable to change to dry closes or shoes and I didn’t even access to toilet of some kind..
..meanwhile I was sure to keep in contact with people on socialmedia and my hospitality home at Skogstorp( Eskilstuna).

Time passed and hours later I was getting pretty cold. Unable to lay down, set camp no nothing I was stuck.

It was violently pouring outside. I felt so defeated and dumb.
My hosts at Skogstorp were worried, they were discussing to come and get me by car.
First I felt stubborn, what is a cross-country hike/walk if I am taking shortcuts by car?
We discussed it a bit then I had to prioritize my health and well being long before pride.

This wonderful elderly   came , we demolished my poor wagon, packed in the sled then went to their place. It was late, perhaps around midnight or a little later.
I was so ashamed on so many levels and tired. We unloaded the very necessity, I took off everything that was wet and the kind elder helped to sort everything up for dry.
They had been expecting me so they had already prepared a room for me to stay at.

Like a beaten homeless pup, I went to “bed”.
Despite the chaos, I was still somewhere in my heart happy.
Happy over my network was working, happy I am so blessed to encounter these amazing people.

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