Traveltales: Simonstorp-Katrineholm

Weather: mostly cloudy and rainy, +3 to -1C
Distance:~27km , mostly flat back-country roads
Time: too long..
Highlights: camping with tent, got housing at the fire department in Katrineholm, friendly people
Bottoms: rain, more rain, time stress, journalists, wild boars, meeting with people taking too much time and energy, having to knock on doors for water, dry water supplies, huge deforestation, some unfriendly people

Health: Stomach, joints and headache pain level: 7/10 (lower is better)
Severe cases of hot flashes.
Asthma OK Sight OK Feet OK
Mental health: initially 3/10, end of section: 7/10 (higher is better)
weight: ~101kg sled total weight: ~83kg

After a good rest at Sikargården, I took my time to continue.
Slowly I left the hostel but energy was low. The days before have been stressful and usually I need 2 days rest when I get that tired/stressed out.

No time to waste.
The distance between Sikargården and Katrineholm felt like and took so much more effort than expected. There was no good spots for camping due to logging (not seen on maps nor from the information I had).
I was able to camp one night, and stayed almost 2 due to rain…
The set campsites I had pre-departure pinpointed didn’t worked in reality and the options were bad.

Not to mention all the dry water sources and unreachable such. I had to knock on doors to get water. It did not helped for the morale when I finally reached the outskirts of Katrineholm that there has been notice
of wild boars vandalizing domestic gardens, meaning I could not camp, again, I had to knock on doors, now even to look for a place to stay over night. I was lucky as I found a kind family that allowed me sleep in their barn.

In Katrineholm my “hostel” source disappeared, so again I was left stranded unable to camp. The local fire department came to my rescue (or I came to them).A couple calls later I was redirected to the department,
then able to sleep over night.

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