Norrköping * Kiruna- 1500 km winter hike

The goal is to do a winter hike, with a sled from my residential city Norrköping, south in Sweden, to Kiruna, in the most northern parts of Sweden. The aimed duration is predicted to take ~180 days /26 weeks, but can be shorter or longer depending on health.
The hike will also be performed for the benefit of Hjärnfonden (Brain Foundation). Mental health awareness and brain research are still not enough funded, yet it is so important for the development of society and everyone’s health.
The hike to Kiruna is my first official and public journey, of hopefully many, in the goal, to visit all of the world’s colder climate areas. The reason I want to do this is because I am a cold-nerd and this is a since long time dream of mine Plus, where there is snow, there are no snakes!

Short about me

My name is C. Cat Carlson, a disability pensioner living in the beautiful coastal city of Norrköping, Sweden.
I have a big passion for outdoors life, travels and photography and I am on a mission: to increase disability awareness in these areas. Read more

I am born high functioning autistic (Aspergers) and have struggled my whole life with various disabilities such as anxiety, Endometriosis and reorccuring severe migraines. In periods I also had a share of other serious curable illnesses.
This comes with daily challenges but it has never stopped me from trying to achieve my dreams.
You are welcome to read more about some of these and other disabilities here

Where I am? You can follow me here

Map is currently unavailble as I am currently at home taking care of health.
Thanks for understanding